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Save Point Sessions 144: Super Mario Bros Movie And The Future Of Game Adaptations

Dan and Antonio talk The Super Mario Bros Movie success and the impact it'll have on game adaptations.Theme Song: Obstacle Course (Athletic Theme) ~ Coffee Date RemixC...

Save Point Sessions 143: Fanfest 2023 Savage, Vegas Guide

Dan and Antonio discuss the 2023 FFXIV Fanfest ticket process, salt, and tips for first time Vegas visitors.Theme Song: Obstacle Course (Athletic Theme) ~ Coffee Date ...

Save Point Sessions 142: Capcom Bets Big On SF6, EVO 2023 Lineup Revealed.

Capcom announces a $1 Million prize for the next Capcom Cup winner. Will this get the FGC the crown of eSports? Also Dan and Antonio discuss the EVO 2023 mainstage gam...

Save Point Sessions 141: The End Of The Nintendo Switch? Febuary Direct Reaction

Nintendo surprised us with the first Direct of 2023, but Dan thinks this is a sign that the finish line is in sight for the Switch.Theme Song: End Title (Hyper Potions...

Save Point Sessions 140: Top 5 Games of 2022

As 2022 comes to an end Dan and Antonio recap what they think are the best games of the year. Will #1 be as obvious as you think?

Save Point Sessions 139: What Happened at The Game Awards

Dan and Antonio recap the winners, reveals, and bizarre moments at the 2022 Game Awards

Save Point Sessions 138: Game Awards Predictions and Live Vote

Dan and Antonio breakdown the 2022 Game Awards nominations and give their votes while recording.

Save Point Sessions 137: Silent Hill is Back From The Dead

Konami's resurrected Silent Hill, so why isn't Dan excited? (Sorry for the audio issues during the first half, did not catch it during recording - Dan)

Save Point Sessions 136: SF6 Beta Impressions and Saltysuite

One of the hosts participated in the SF6 closed beta test. Guess which one?

Save Point Sessions 135: The Life and Death of Google Stadia

Dan and Antonio say goodbye to Stadia. A concept that promised everything, delivered nothing, and lasted longer than anyone expected.

Save Point Sessions 134: Tokyo Game Show Saved Videogames?

Tokyo Game Show 2022 just wrapped, and it brought about some exciting game announcements. Plus Dan and Antonio get exposed as fake Octopath Traveler fans.

Save Point Sessions 133: Best Games For New Gamers

Dan and Antonio talk about the best games for first time gamers of all ages.

Save Point Sessions 132: Splatoon 3 & Salt

Nintendo dropped a Splatoon 3 Splatfest and Antonio has some thoughts (and salt) on the demo weekend.

Save Point Sessions 131: EVO IS BACK!

EVO made it's triumphant return this past weekend. Dan and Antonio recap the hype and celebration of the FGC

Save Point Sessions 130: Elden Ring Roundtable

After much delay Antonio and Dan sit down and give their final thoughts on what may be their 2022 GotY

Save Point Sessions 129: Nintendo Mini Direct June 2022

Nintendo wraps up the E3 wake with their mini Direct focused on 3rd party. What did Dan and Antonio think?

A Statement on Current Affairs

This past week our country was forcibly shifted in a direction that takes away bodily autonomy to a huge population. Dan and Antonio want to share their thoughts on th...

Save Point Sessions 128: FFVII Anniversary and PS Plus Premium

Antonio gets excited over the FFVII announcements, and Dan gives his early thoughts on PS Plus Premium

Save Point Sessions 127: Summer Games Fest Recap and Hype Check

The Summer Games Fest aka not E3 had a bunch of announcements last week, and so Dan and Antonio recap what got them hyped for the upcoming year of games.

Save Point Sessions 126: Hip Hop and Gaming (Ft. Mega Ran)

Rapper, Teacher, Hero Mega Ran stops by to talk his new tour, the NPC Collective, and the melding of hip hop and gaming culture.

Save Point Sessions 125: Sonic, Melania, and Dwayne Johnson

Dan and Antonio give a quick rundown of news stories they missed, and Antonio recaps his acceptance into the Capcom Creator's Club.

Save Point Sessions 124: Sony is NOT Spartacus

The worst kept secret is revealed. Sony revealed their answer to Xbox Game Pass. Dan and Antonio debate if it's worth it or not.

Save Point Sessions 123: Anime Adapations of Video Games (Ft. Not Your Typical Weebs)

Dominique and Malissa visit from weebville to talk about videogames that got an anime adapation.

Save Point Sessions 122: Elden Ring, GOTY?

This week Dan and Antonio talk about Elden Ring. Does it live up to the hype? How is Antonio handling his first Soulsborne game?

Save Point Sessions 121: Endwalker Spoilercast Pt. 3

In the final part of our Endwalker spoilercast, we recap the recent live letters and predict where FFXIV will go from here.

Save Point Sessions 120: Endwalker Spoilercast Pt. 2

Ashley returns to continue the recap of the latest FFXIV expansion Endwalker.

Save Point Sessions 119: Endwalker Spoilercast Pt. 1

Akayuay aka Ashley joins us once again to talk about the latest expansion to FFXIV, Endwalker. SPOILER WARNING!

Save Point Sessions 118: Microsoft Shakes Up the Games Industry

So...let's talk about that Activision-Blizzard news. Dan and Antonio discuss how big of an effect this'll have on videogames moving forward.

Save Point Sessions 117: Top 5 Games of 2021

With 2021 in the review it's time for Dan and Antonio to reflect on their favorite videogames of the year. We warn you there will be some surprises.

Save Point Sessions 116: Gaming Thanksgiving

In our season finale, Dan and Antonio recount things in gaming they're thankful for. Yes it's first world problems AF.

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